Wednesday, 25 January 2017

2.5 - Time Passes

  "I promise, Octavia, I'm going to make everything better," Cemre whispered, rocking his daughter to sleep. He sat with her in his arms for hours, even Laura gave up waiting and went to bed. Cemre didn't know how much longer he had to cuddle his little girl, but he wanted to make the most of it.

 The next morning, Laura woke up to a note laying on Cemre's pillow. She was mad. She crumpled the page up, throwing it on the floor before she left the room to go get Octavia.
  It wasn't until Octavia was changed, fed, and having fun in her swing, that Laura allowed herself to think about Cemre's letter.
  She didn't care how much money they had. They could have had nothing and Laura would have been beyond happy. Now, her baby girl would have to grow up without her daddy. There was a lot more to life than money. Something Laura vowed to teach her daughter.

  "Hi, you must be Laura, I'm Melisandra. I really don't have time to tell you much about what's going on, but you're the last family that needs to be evacuated. So please, please, just go with me on this. I would rather not have to use any magic on you," Melisandra spoke without breathing between her words. At the end, she gasped a bit for air.
  Laura just stared at her. "Excuse me?"
  Before Melisandra could say anything else, Brendan walked out behind Laura. "Laura, don't argue. Just go with her. I have Octavia. We're ready."
  Melisandra smiled gratefully at Brendan. She reached out and grasping one of Brendan's and one of Laura's, they disappeared.

  Melisandra sat outside, allowing the family to look around the house themselves. Until they had time to build some more houses, this was the last open one with enough room for the three. It was also Melisandra's home. Not that she used the actual building at all, she had a little fairy house in the backyard that she used. Occasionally, when Sapphire wasn't busy flitting all over the place, she visited too.

  Silently, Laura sat down next to Mel on the swing. "It's a very pretty house," she offered. Mel gave her a look that Laura didn't catch.
  "It was mine. Not that I ever used it. But we all have a place to call our own, though most don't use them."
  Laura looked at her in shock. But before she could protest them staying there, Melisandra continued.
  "We don't actually have enough room for everyone, so some have given up their homes. Those that live mostly in other realms. None of us mind."
  Laura decided to not argue the point. She tugged on her sweater for a moment, trying to think of something to say. Melisandra noticed her fidgeting, though thought it meant she was too warm.
  "I have some clothes you can change into. I forgot we were going from winter where you were to summer here. Our seasons here are weird."

  Once changed, Laura and Melisandra sat down to begin what would soon become a nightly ritual.

  Time went by rather slowly to Laura, though it passed very quickly. Her brother had a little boy with Poppy, they named him Reed. Poppy didn't like Laura, so she had yet to meet her nephew. Reed was actually a couple months older then Octavia.
  Octavia so far hadn't fussed at all for Cemre. Something Laura was thankful for. Laura on the other hand, was still mad at Cemre. For the way he left them. For the way he had forced their sudden move. Melisandra explained everything to her.

  Finally, Octavia's birthday arrived. Once Laura learned that Theo wouldn't be able to bring Reed to a party, she opted to not have one. So it was just Laura, Octavia, Brendan and Melisandra who celebrated.

NOTE: There originally was a huge storyline before this point. But the lag in my other town was horrible. It took over an hour just to make it through one sim day. Plus the snow was bothering me. It didn't have the snow texture, instead it looked like the grass had bubbled up.
So, instead, I just skipped past it. I do have an idea for how this generation will play out. Here's hoping it'll work!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2.4 - Baby Arrival

 Cemre saved this squirrl from being eaten by Fitz. His name is Dale. (Completely random, I swear).

  And he saved the chipmunk as well. Named Chip. (I can't even begin to tell you how long I laughed when I went to name them. It was the first random name that pops up)

  As you can see, Fitz has already gotten into the Christmas presents. And the tree. Laura is not impressed.

  A letter arrived for Cemre. He tossed it on the table, knowing already that it was a rejection. He was mad. As someone fleeing from the government, it hurt knowing that he couldn't get somewhere safe. Couldn't get his family somewhere safe. He'd go about some other way to make everyone safe.

  It only took the school a while to organize a graduation. Since it was during the school year, City Hall allowed it to take place there.

  "I have to go away for a little while, just a workshop to help me find a job," Cemre pulled out some flowers. "I love you."

  They spent the rest of the day together before Cemre caught the bus.

  During the week, Theo came to visit, upholding his promise to still visit.
  "I have a girlfriend, her name is Poppy. She's... we're expecting."
  The look on Theo's face was one of regret. Laura tutted in disappointment, but stayed positive about it.

   Theo gave his dad an interview, knowing that being an up and coming name, he'd get some decent exposure from it. And it'd be good for Brendan as well.

  It was a couple weeks before Cemre returned. To some very interesting news.
  "We're having a baby!" Laura announced.

  Cemre acted properly excited. But secretly worried. So far, their income consisted of what Brendan and Laura made. Cemre wasn't able to do anything. He was going to try busking in the park, and while people enjoyed his music, the most he'd made was only a dew dollars.

  The pregnancy actually went by really quickly it seemed to Laura.
  "You can come along any time now," she said to the bump blocking her view to her feet.

  Well, today at least the baby decided to listen.

NOTE: I thought I didn't have enough pictures for another chapter, so I was trying to suffer though an extremely laggy town to get the rest before an emergency move to a new town. But I did. :D BAd part though, I've had to throw out most of my story content because of it. So it'll be a rather quick story before moving on. :/