Monday, 5 December 2016

2.3 - I Do.

  Brendan, Theo, and Cemre all arrived early at the venue to get the place ready. Already, Theo and Cemre had an argument.
  "Boys, calm down, you'll ruin the entire day if you both are annoyed. As for this silly argument, just compromise. You can both play a song for Laura, just choose who goes first. Rock, paper, scissors is a good way to choose that."
  Brendan was silently thanking the gods that he didn't end up with two boys. He didn't think he'd be able to stop these two if they decided to have a fist fight.

  Finally, after the little scene outside, guests started arriving. Poppy Rose (Theo's fiancee) and her brother, Rain. Behind them are Oliver and Tabitha Evan. A few others filters in and took seats as well.

  Brendan and Theo took seats in the front row. Laura wanted everything to be really quick and simple.

  When it came time to cut the cake, Laura was about to suggest something fun, but Cemre put end to that thought before she could voice it.

  First dance as a married couple.

  After the wedding, Laura and Cemre stopped by Isobel's grave to tell her all about it.

  Laura is going to pretend she didn't see a thing.

 So, there is my requirement for a party to remember. Cemre did play some guitar, though he stomped outside to do so. One party guest followed him.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

2.2 - The Infinity Council

  "Whose stupid idea was it to even allow them to learn of our town?"
  No one answered.
  While unofficial, Bodhon was the leader of their little council. He was the oldest amongst them, a few hundred years separated him from even his wife. Still though, he wasn't considered very old in his own domain. What was seven hundred years compared to the Elven King's four thousand? His wife, Oriel, was even younger, only three hundred.
  Finally, someone spoke up. "Maybe it wasn't one of ours," Oriel spoke up. She rarely went against her husband's words.

  Izi smirked from across the fire. "When I told you of them, I didn't expect for the Council to actually gather, nor to be blamed for this."
  Though a bit of a trickster (though not as much as the twin faeries that joined them), Izi was not in the habit of trying to piss people off. She just liked loopholes when it came to wishes that foolish mortals would make.

  "Izi has a point, actually. While we all like to have our fun, none of us are willing to risk everything that we've built here."
  Melisandra was usually the voice of reason. She liked a good trick as much as the next faerie, but she was capable of being reasonable sometimes.

  "I haven't even been out of our town's limits in a few decades," Thaddeus felt the need to interject, despite how awkward he felt putting his words out there.
  Faendir sauntered up next to him. "I can vouch for him there. It's been a most fun few years," he said with a cocky look on his face.

  Sapphire turned her face away and yawned. "Are you done blaming us for this yet?"
  Bodhon turned and leveled his glare at the faerie. "For the leaking of our whereabouts? Yes. As for what to do about them. No."

  Saewen, the youngest of the four elves, sighed. "Make your decision. I wish to leave."
  There were several minutes of silence. No one wanted to break the quiet.

  "They are denied," Oriel spoke. "There is a betrayal among them that has yet to happen, if it ever will. Until it is past. They will find no welcome within our realm."
  "So it is decided."

NOTE: More of an interlude than an actual chapter. We will see more of them in the future. They are all immortal after all.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

2.1 - Being an Adult Sucks

  When Cemre shows up for his interview at the theatre, he is dismayed to see Theo already standing there. There was only one position open, and Cemre already knew who it would be going to.
  "Sorry," Theo shrugged as he walking inside.
  Cemre didn't bother going in. Instead he turned and walked away.

  Brendan gathered everyone into the living room, he wanted to know how everyone was doing.
  Cemre regretted his seating choice, he was first to tell about how his job interview went. "I, uh, changed my mind on what I'd like to do. I'm still trying to figure it out." Laura gave him a look.
  Brendan just nodded. "Don't take too long, life will pass you by and not let you catch up. Laura?"
  "I got hired as a playground moniter. While the kids are in class, I get to shadow the lower class teachers to learn the ropes."
  Theo glanced at Cemre before turning his attention to his dad. "One day, I'll be a rockstar. The theatre loved my music. And they provide me with my own place too."

  Determined to not let life leave him behind, Cemre invites Laura out on a date. While she runs to the washroom to freshen up, Cemre heads to the arcade. Zara-Lynn, an old classmate who was in the class under Cemre, takes up the only game he happens to like.

  The aquarium probably wasn't the best idea for a date, Cemre thought later. Laura enjoyed looking at the colourful fish, but it was rather boring for himself.

  As Laura moved to the next exhibit, Cemre knelt down behind her. When she turned to him to make a comment, she was confused until he asked her a question.
  "Marry me?"
  She was too surprised to give him a verbal answer.

  He got his physical answer when they got home.

  "I'll miss you, Laura."
  Pulling her twin into a hug, she laughed. "You'll be just down the road, prat. You can visit any time. I'm sure dad doesn't want you to just disappear."
  Theo shrugged. "I think my music will keep me busy. Too busy to have much of a social life."
  "Family is something you make time for."
  They hovered for a moment, too many thoughts running through their minds. Finally, Theo made the motions to leave. His dog was already at the new place, and Theo knew if he didn't get back soon, everything would be all chewed up.
  "I'll see you for Christmas, Theo."

  Laura loved farmer's markets. Everything was much cheaper then the grocery store. That this one happened to be at the fall festival, made Laura even happier. It was Cemre's idea to go, he mostly just wanted out of the house.

  Laura picked up a couple of pies to bring home. Brendan loved pie.

  Cemre picked up some drinks. Though they wouldn't make it home.

  Laura pulled Cemre though the corn maze before they left. Cemre pretended to know where they were headed, and ended up lost. As it started to rain, Cemre pulled Laura in for a kiss.
  "I love you."
  "I love you too."
  A moment passed.
  "I love being dry too."
  Cemre laughed. "Let's go home then."

  Laura glanced one more time at the folder listing her duties. She had read the thing multiple times, and knew it off by heart. But she was still worried for her first day of work.

  Cemre tried to get some tips by playing in the park. Unfortunately, it began to rain.

  Cemre used Laura to practice some spells. Mostly good luck charms. They hadn't worked yet though. At her job, all Laura heard was from teachers saying she did a terrible job.

  After his terrible week, Cemre topped it off by getting abducted. Hopefully they were friendly aliens and didn't mess up this role by getting him pregnant.

I've played enough that I have pictures for two more chapters. I've been mostly playing Skyrim this past bit. My boyfriend decided to try to make me happy by buying Skyrim for the ps4 for me. It worked. Until Final Fantasy was released. Now he's hogging the tv. xD

Monday, 21 November 2016

1.10 - Always on my Mind

  Brendan reads. Anything. Everything. He just reads. It keeps his mind distracted. Soon though he'll either have to go to the library or the bookstore for more. He's read everything on the bookshelf twice.

  Sunday night, the day before the teens start school after summer holidays, Laura sits by the fire. She's got a lot to think about. Officials wouldn't say if they knew who killed her mother, or for what reason, but she has an idea. Things only got weird once she started seeing Cemre. She remembered him whispering something to her about being a witch, but she brushed it off. She certainly didn't care if he could do magic, she thought it was awesome.
  Seeing her so excited about magic when he showed her, led Cemre to a half hearted offer to finding a way to give her the ablity to use magic. At the time, Laura had agreed, if it was possible. Now she wasn't so sure. What if that was the reason her mom was dead? Was it her fault?

  "Laura, dad wants us to head up to bed now," Theo wandered out, plopping himself on a chair across from his sister.
  "I'm not tired," she protested.
  Theo sighed and leaned forward. "I know how you're feeling right now," he stated quietly.
   Laura looked at him with doubtful eyes. "How would-"
  Pausing for a moment, Laura glanced down in guilt. She'd been so caught up in her own grief, she'd forgotten. Theo had claimed for a while that he loved Hawthorne, then she had stopped responding to his calls and texts.
  "Mom was working a case, I only know because  I snooped through her things when she was out with dad. Three dead witches, and one faerie. All found in the woods, bodies mutilated. No one was sure who was killing them. Since mom was a spy, they sent her in to find out."
  "Did she?"
  Theo nodded sadly. "The Government. That's where her notes ended though. I'm guessing they learned about her, and they killed her because she had knowledge she wasn't suppose to."
  "None of that makes me feel any better, Theo, you suck at this."
  Theo shrugged as he stood up. "It wasn't meant to. Just inform."

  Homework. The bane of every child's day. Cemre got excited when he managed to use magic to complete his homework. Laura and Theo though were stuck doing it the old fashioned way.

  Laura's cat, Fitz, finally aged up into an adult. He is now free to roam the house at will. And get his own toys from the box.

  Theo's Audry also aged up. And now likes to follow him everywhere.

  Field trip! Today's trip was to the police station! Not that Theo or Laura needed a lesson on that, they grew up with their very own. Cemre though enjoyed the trip.

  Theo won this award for being president of the music club at school. They even held a large ceremony to give out all the awards for the clubs. Laura received a participation trophy for being part of the debate club.

  Laura took it upon herself to decorate for autumn. Spooky Day is her favourite holiday. She even goes through the trouble of getting pumpkins for everyone.

  Josie is one of Laura's classmates. She asked to come over to get some help with her math homework. Since Laura was smart enough to teach that class herself, Josie thought she'd get ahead and get some help.
  Laura's just upset that Josie copied her hairstyle.

  Finally, Laura is able to Cemre to carve his pumpkin with her. Brendan already did his, humouring his daughter. Theo plonked himself far away from the other two to do his in peace.
  Laura insisted on sitting back to back. "I want mine to be a surprise!"
 Cemre agreed.

  The cat is Laura's creation. The traditional smiley face is Brendan's. The ghost is Theo's. He was going for a scary ghost. And the silly one at the end is Cemre's.

  The night before Spooky Day is Cemre's birthday. He makes a simple wish.

  And ages up. Laura makes fun of his hair.

  The next day is the twins. Laura chooses her wish carefully.

  Theo already knows his will come true.

And this chapter marks the end of the first generation. Laura is the heir, and is excited to begin next chapter.
Theo is especially happy to just be left alone with his music.
I always role for each child at the beginning of the generation so I have personalities for each of them. This time, Laura's role fit better for the story in mind, but I hope next generation to do a vote on who will be heir.
If I had chosen Theo as heir, his role would have been the following:

three children
music - rockstar
party to remember
no strangers