Saturday, 3 December 2016

2.2 - The Infinity Council

  "Whose stupid idea was it to even allow them to learn of our town?"
  No one answered.
  While unofficial, Bodhon was the leader of their little council. He was the oldest amongst them, a few hundred years separated him from even his wife. Still though, he wasn't considered very old in his own domain. What was seven hundred years compared to the Elven King's four thousand? His wife, Oriel, was even younger, only three hundred.
  Finally, someone spoke up. "Maybe it wasn't one of ours," Oriel spoke up. She rarely went against her husband's words.

  Izi smirked from across the fire. "When I told you of them, I didn't expect for the Council to actually gather, nor to be blamed for this."
  Though a bit of a trickster (though not as much as the twin faeries that joined them), Izi was not in the habit of trying to piss people off. She just liked loopholes when it came to wishes that foolish mortals would make.

  "Izi has a point, actually. While we all like to have our fun, none of us are willing to risk everything that we've built here."
  Melisandra was usually the voice of reason. She liked a good trick as much as the next faerie, but she was capable of being reasonable sometimes.

  "I haven't even been out of our town's limits in a few decades," Thaddeus felt the need to interject, despite how awkward he felt putting his words out there.
  Faendir sauntered up next to him. "I can vouch for him there. It's been a most fun few years," he said with a cocky look on his face.

  Sapphire turned her face away and yawned. "Are you done blaming us for this yet?"
  Bodhon turned and leveled his glare at the faerie. "For the leaking of our whereabouts? Yes. As for what to do about them. No."

  Saewen, the youngest of the four elves, sighed. "Make your decision. I wish to leave."
  There were several minutes of silence. No one wanted to break the quiet.

  "They are denied," Oriel spoke. "There is a betrayal among them that has yet to happen, if it ever will. Until it is past. They will find no welcome within our realm."
  "So it is decided."

NOTE: More of an interlude than an actual chapter. We will see more of them in the future. They are all immortal after all.


  1. Oh man I love magical stuff, and a secret council is really promising. :D

    1. Me too. I hope this plays out decently. It sounds great in my head.