Monday, 5 December 2016

2.3 - I Do.

  Brendan, Theo, and Cemre all arrived early at the venue to get the place ready. Already, Theo and Cemre had an argument.
  "Boys, calm down, you'll ruin the entire day if you both are annoyed. As for this silly argument, just compromise. You can both play a song for Laura, just choose who goes first. Rock, paper, scissors is a good way to choose that."
  Brendan was silently thanking the gods that he didn't end up with two boys. He didn't think he'd be able to stop these two if they decided to have a fist fight.

  Finally, after the little scene outside, guests started arriving. Poppy Rose (Theo's fiancee) and her brother, Rain. Behind them are Oliver and Tabitha Evan. A few others filters in and took seats as well.

  Brendan and Theo took seats in the front row. Laura wanted everything to be really quick and simple.

  When it came time to cut the cake, Laura was about to suggest something fun, but Cemre put end to that thought before she could voice it.

  First dance as a married couple.

  After the wedding, Laura and Cemre stopped by Isobel's grave to tell her all about it.

  Laura is going to pretend she didn't see a thing.

 So, there is my requirement for a party to remember. Cemre did play some guitar, though he stomped outside to do so. One party guest followed him.


  1. Wow, Laura's wedding was beautiful! I loved the venue. Isobel's appearance was nice, if not a little sad. At least Laura got to see her mother again. :)

    1. Thank you. :) I can't take credit for the venue though, it was a download, though I can't remember who made it. Someone awesome did though, I swear.
      I wasn't expecting to see Isobel there, though I was sad to see her, and I was sad that Laura couldn't talk to her. It wouldn't let me click on her to do anything.

  2. Theo, cut it out! On Cemre's wedding day his way goes. Is one of them mean-spirited or something like that? Have they always argued with each other?

    The wedding looked beautiful once it got started. Was the party to remember difficult to complete?

    Seeing Isobel just topped things off perfectly. Bittersweet, though.

    1. Theo is hot-headed. He likes to pick fights with everyone. I usually just cancel the action out.

      The only annoying part was having Laura make all the food. Which no one ate. I ended up just using the buffet table to feed everyone.