Thursday, 1 December 2016

2.1 - Being an Adult Sucks

  When Cemre shows up for his interview at the theatre, he is dismayed to see Theo already standing there. There was only one position open, and Cemre already knew who it would be going to.
  "Sorry," Theo shrugged as he walking inside.
  Cemre didn't bother going in. Instead he turned and walked away.

  Brendan gathered everyone into the living room, he wanted to know how everyone was doing.
  Cemre regretted his seating choice, he was first to tell about how his job interview went. "I, uh, changed my mind on what I'd like to do. I'm still trying to figure it out." Laura gave him a look.
  Brendan just nodded. "Don't take too long, life will pass you by and not let you catch up. Laura?"
  "I got hired as a playground moniter. While the kids are in class, I get to shadow the lower class teachers to learn the ropes."
  Theo glanced at Cemre before turning his attention to his dad. "One day, I'll be a rockstar. The theatre loved my music. And they provide me with my own place too."

  Determined to not let life leave him behind, Cemre invites Laura out on a date. While she runs to the washroom to freshen up, Cemre heads to the arcade. Zara-Lynn, an old classmate who was in the class under Cemre, takes up the only game he happens to like.

  The aquarium probably wasn't the best idea for a date, Cemre thought later. Laura enjoyed looking at the colourful fish, but it was rather boring for himself.

  As Laura moved to the next exhibit, Cemre knelt down behind her. When she turned to him to make a comment, she was confused until he asked her a question.
  "Marry me?"
  She was too surprised to give him a verbal answer.

  He got his physical answer when they got home.

  "I'll miss you, Laura."
  Pulling her twin into a hug, she laughed. "You'll be just down the road, prat. You can visit any time. I'm sure dad doesn't want you to just disappear."
  Theo shrugged. "I think my music will keep me busy. Too busy to have much of a social life."
  "Family is something you make time for."
  They hovered for a moment, too many thoughts running through their minds. Finally, Theo made the motions to leave. His dog was already at the new place, and Theo knew if he didn't get back soon, everything would be all chewed up.
  "I'll see you for Christmas, Theo."

  Laura loved farmer's markets. Everything was much cheaper then the grocery store. That this one happened to be at the fall festival, made Laura even happier. It was Cemre's idea to go, he mostly just wanted out of the house.

  Laura picked up a couple of pies to bring home. Brendan loved pie.

  Cemre picked up some drinks. Though they wouldn't make it home.

  Laura pulled Cemre though the corn maze before they left. Cemre pretended to know where they were headed, and ended up lost. As it started to rain, Cemre pulled Laura in for a kiss.
  "I love you."
  "I love you too."
  A moment passed.
  "I love being dry too."
  Cemre laughed. "Let's go home then."

  Laura glanced one more time at the folder listing her duties. She had read the thing multiple times, and knew it off by heart. But she was still worried for her first day of work.

  Cemre tried to get some tips by playing in the park. Unfortunately, it began to rain.

  Cemre used Laura to practice some spells. Mostly good luck charms. They hadn't worked yet though. At her job, all Laura heard was from teachers saying she did a terrible job.

  After his terrible week, Cemre topped it off by getting abducted. Hopefully they were friendly aliens and didn't mess up this role by getting him pregnant.

I've played enough that I have pictures for two more chapters. I've been mostly playing Skyrim this past bit. My boyfriend decided to try to make me happy by buying Skyrim for the ps4 for me. It worked. Until Final Fantasy was released. Now he's hogging the tv. xD


  1. Ha, I know how you feel! I was playing Skyrim on the PS4 as well, until my boyfriend got WatchDogs 2. And now he's hogging the TV too!

    Things aren't going too great for Cemre, huh? Let's hope he finds something to do with himself soon!

    1. I attempted to convince him that we should get a second tv and PS4 so I could play games at the same time. xD It failed.

      He's suppose to go out and play music everyday, but he randomly changes his mind every time he's at the park, playing with dogs is more fun I guess.

  2. Ahaha poor Cemre. He had a lot of ups and downs this chapter. XD

    1. He has horrible luck. He should probably stop trying to give Laura good luck, since he fails the charm every time and gives himself bad luck.

  3. That sucks that Theo snagged the job before Cemre went in to interview. It wasn't meant to be, I guess. Hope he can find something he likes. At least he's got Laura.