Monday, 14 November 2016

1.9 - Goodbye... is the Saddest Word

  Unwilling to wait on the main land, Charlotte Crosse made the journey to Cape Garner. She found a small little outcropping that no one seemed to be willing to venture to. She sent one of her men to the local police station, under strict orders to bring someone with him.
  She didn't know why they wanted this woman. To be frank, she didn't care. Her job was to make an offer. That was it. She wasn't high up in the ranks, practically bottom tier. She spent most days in front of a computer screen, going over old files and pulling ones that may still be relevant.

  "I'm so glad you could join us, Isobel."
  "Did I have much of a choice?" Isobel asked dryly. The man who escorted her here was standing a few feet behind her now, after having a tight grip on her arm the entire way there.
  "Not really. Let me introduce myself. My name is Charlotte, I work for the Supernatural Control branch of the government."
  Isobel raised her eyebrows. Supernatural Control was a secret part of the government. An open secret sure, but still a secret. "I see. And you're here because? I'm as human as they come."

  Charlotte laughed. "You are, of course, you wouldn't have been allowed to reach the top of your career path if you weren't. Your husband, Brendan, is human as well. And of course Laura, and Theodore."
  Isobel froze.
  "Your son though, that girl he's been seeing behind your back, Hawthorne. She certainly isn't. And the boy your daughter is sleeping with. Cemre. He isn't."
  "I-" Isobel stumbled over her words, desperate to keep her family safe. "Theo has always been a bit of a different child, he wouldn't chose her over his music, he's too serious about that."
  Charlotte brushed off her words. "I know. It isn't him we're worried about."

  "But, Laura, she's the dangerous one. That witch has come close to convincing her of becoming one of them."
  "Is... is that even possible?" Isobel asked, breathless.
  Charlotte shrugged. "Unconfirmed. If it is though, we need to know."
  "How? You can't possibly think that using my daughter is a good idea."

  "If it brings us closer to our goal, then it's worth it. This is why you were brought here, Isobel. You have a choice. You can spy on your daughter for us. Learn more about this boy and how he thinks he can change her. If he has found a way, we bring him in. If you don't find this information out and he succeeds, we'll have no choice but to put down your daughter."
  "And if I refuse?"
  Isobel felt the cold metal of the barrel of a gun being pressed against her head.
  Charlotte smiled. A cold, calculating smile. "Then your family will be joining you soon enough. I suggest you make your choice."
  Isobel knew what would happen if she turned up dead. Brendan, having been paranoid since she'd become a super spy, would immediately move their children to a safe house. They had an eventual destination in mind, though with all the hoops you had to jump through to get there, it would take some time.
  So, Isobel made her choice. She smirked at Charlotte. "I refuse."

  It would be several days before her body was found.

  "Hawthorne, it's Theo again, if you're trying to break up with me and aren't sure how, just send me a text after you listen to this message. It's been two weeks and you've completely avoided me. Enough is enough. I like you a lot, but I don't want to deal with you getting mad over tiny things anymore. I said my music was important, no need to go over the deep end about it. If you don't want to break up, then call me back."
  Theo tossed his phone on the couch and plopped down next to his sister. "Why did I think getting a girlfriend was a good idea?"
  Laura glanced up from her book. "Because you're a boy."
  Theo grabbed the throw pillow from where it rested beside him and tossed it half heartedly at Laura. "I'll stick with my music from now on."
  "Good idea, at least you're good at that."
  Theo grumbled for a few more minutes before he switched the tv on.

  They could always tell when it was their dad who was watching last, the news was on. Before Theo could change the channel, a familiar face popped up on the screen.
  Neither twin heard much, other then that Isobel had been found dead, a bullet shot to the back of her head being the cause of death.
  The door creaked open, and Brendan walked in, looking as though he had aged ten years in a short period of time. He saw the tv, and sighed. "I'm so sorry, I wanted to tell you before you saw that."
  "Daddy, what's going on?" Laura asked.
  Brendan wrapped up his daughter in a hug. "Lots of bad things are happening, sweetie. I'm so sorry you got caught up in this. I'm so sorry."
  "Dad?" Theo was hesitant.
  Brendan pulled Theo into the hug. They stood in silence for several minutes before Brendan pulled back.
  "Go pack your bags. Quickly. Laura, call Cemre, I know his parents went missing yesterday, tell him to come with us."

  The house in Deery Meadows had been sitting empty for quite some time. Brendan had hoped it would stay empty. They were safe though. Laura and Theo were safe. Even Laura's boyfriend, Cemre, was safe. They were safe.
  Brendan kept repeating it to himself. He wished it wasn't needed. He wished Isobel was there with him. How was he suppose to go on without her?

  It was Laura's suggestion. They had no body to bury, since they went across the sector line, they  would not allow her body to be sent to them for burial. So they had just a headstone. But it was something.
  Brendan purchased two plots. He fully intended to buried there himself when the time came. For now though, it was something. He ended up sitting for hours talking to Isobel. Laura eventually went home, leaving her father to grieve alone.
  He was grateful for the silence. To be alone. He didn't want anyone to see how much he was hurting, how much he was breaking. He would put the pieces together again, enough to fool his children, before breaking apart each day in front of where he was to put his wife to rest.

I intended to make this longer, mostly to end on a happy note instead. But my game doesn't like me right now.
Here is where my story really begins. I needed Isobel to reach the top of her career before I could start it. The twins have less then a sim week to go before becoming adults. (Out of the 20 days I have it set to).
This time I am not doing a vote on who will be heir. Laura is going to be continuing on this family, allowing Theo to play his music in peace.


  1. Whew, I just caught up! Sorry I missed a few chapters there. ^^;;

    Isobel made the choice I think a lot of mothers would make. I feel bad for the family. But I'm excited that there'll be (I assume) some witchy stuff in the future! I love supernatural plotlines. :D

    1. That's alright, I'm so hopelessly behind on everyone's that I need to take a day and just catch up on everything!

      I definitely would have made the same choice she did. There will definitely be some witchy stuff in the future. Though it'll be a few more chapters first.

  2. Oh my, that was sudden! A dark turn. Poor Isobel, she seemed like a nice mom.

    I will miss their last house, lol. It was pretty.

    1. There was meant to be more lead up to it, but my game would just not co-operate with me. So I just went with what pictures I had.

      Me too.

  3. That was incredibly brave of Isobel! Such a sad turn for this first generation though! I hope her sacrifice will ensure everyone's safety...

  4. Isobel is so brave! I hope she made the right decision.

    Will Cemre be able to turn Laura? Either way there will be witchy babies.

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