Monday, 25 July 2016

1.0 - Prologue: New Beginnings

  After spending over twenty-four hours on an airplane, the last thing Isobel wants is to sit again. "How much longer, Brendan?"
  Brendan shrugged. "It's a taxi, Bel, I can't will it here in moments."
  So Isobel recrosses her legs, again, and puts on a fake smile to the people walking by them. She swears to herself that she'll never get on another plane again, Unfortunately, flying is the only way to get to other sectors. If you try to drive, you'll get turned away, government officials were the only ones allowed on the roads between sectors. Though, most preferred to fly as well, much faster.

  It took nearly twenty minutes for the taxi to arrive at the airport. And another thirty minutes to take them to City Hall so they could register their presence.
  "This is ridiculous," Isobel muttered on their way in. "We filed the paperwork already to move here, they're just wasting our time at this point."
  Brendan just smiled. It was easiest to just allow Isobel to have her rants. She'd quiet down after a little while and that would be the last of it.

   The house that Brendan had chosen had been a surprise for Isobel.
  "It's so cute!" she'd exclaimed upon seeing it. Immediately, she began making future plans. Plans that Brendan knew he would just nod and agree to, if his wife was happy, he was happy.

  They shared a quick kiss before Isobel began talking about how she'd eventually like to decorate the place. She had huge plans, but agreed to dial it back until they had enough money.

  They stopped by the consignment store first to see if there was anything second hand that they could buy instead. There turned out to be quite a bit that they were able to get. The only thing new they had to purchase was their bed and Brendan's computer.

  Everything was able to be delivered to their home almost right away, they only had to wait for about an hour. Though it went by slowly with Isobel peeking out the window every five minutes.

  Brendan chose right away to set up his computer so he could look to see if the local paper was hiring. They were. Isobel had moved here knowing there was a job at the police station for her. Brendan had been holding out hope. Though if there had been no opening, he could have spent the time working on his writing so he could do freelance work.

  "Brendan, you were suppose to choose somewhere good to go. Not the local sports bar. There's no one here."
  Brendan grinned. "That's the best part of it. It means we get the place to ourselves."
  Isobel shook her head. She wanted to meet people!

  "Look, we didn't have to wait hours to play a game of pool," Brendan pointed out.
  Isobel rolled her eyes. She hated pool.

  They went back downstairs for a quick bit to eat. It was really late, the food was gross, Isobel was tipsy, it didn't take long for Isobel to convince Brendan to go back home. (Though the football game wasn't over yet. Brendan conceded on that. Isobel not forcing him to sleep on the couch was a good reason.)

  They fell into bed the moment they got home, falling asleep right away. Both had work in the morning.

Well. Here it is. My first chapter. Hope it's not as terrible as it seems, lol. I'm hoping it gets better. I'm letting their wishes (for the most part) dictate what happens.


  1. It's not terrible at all!

    Isobel is really pretty. And I like her spark. She seems like a lot of fun. It's a very good thing she has Brenden. He seems to balance her very well.

    1. Thank you. I tend to be overly critical of my own writings.

      Isobel is a lot of fun to play! I never planned on Brendan being such a pushover when it comes to what Isobel wants, but he just happened to want to be wrote that way. And I agree, they are a good balance for each other.

  2. Isobel is spunky! I like her. And Brendan does seem like a bit of a pushover, but I think that complements her nicely. :)

    1. Brendan most certainly is! Makes me wish sometimes that my boyfriend was. haha. I can't get away with anything.
      I absolutely love writing both sims. It's been sometime since I've been able to do this. I write, but mostly fanfiction, so characters are already fleshed out with personalities and everything, so it's refreshing to come up with everything myself.

  3. That house really is adorable! Great place for such a cute couple to start their married life <3

    1. Yet another thing I wish I could take credit for. Sadly, though, it's much better then anything I could ever build. Downfall to it though, it's hard to expand on.