Thursday, 28 July 2016

1.1 - Growing Something New

  "I need something that will help me get pregnant," Isobel tried to explain without her face going too red.
  "I have something for you, child," the woman passed over a small vial with glowing blue liquid in it. "But be warned. All magic comes with a price."
  Isobel pocketed the vial, but largely didn't believe the warning. "Thank you."

   Brendan didn't argue when Isobel dragged him to bed for some fun. He had the same hope she did.

  Isobel still had to go to work though, as much fun as staying in bed is, that doesn't earn you money. So she slowly got dressed and headed out.

  They were always home together for dinner, and Isobel loved it. She loved making dinner and sitting together as a family. Brendan missed watching tv while eating, but he loved the time to talk about their days together.

  It hit when Brendan was using the bathroom. So Isobel rushed outside to throw up in her flower garden. The rain would wash it away. She had hope that it meant what she thought it did.

  It did. While waiting for Brendan to get home from an assignment, she turned on cartoons, mentally preparing herself for her future. Plus, the tunes were catchy.

  "Guess what!"
  "We're having something else other then autumn salad for dinner?"
  Isobel rolled her eyes. It was a healthy dinner, and she hated mac and cheese. They were the only two dishes she could make for dinner. Perhaps she should pick up a cookbook? "No, I'm pregnant!"
  Brendan stared in disbelief, he thought it would take longer for that to happen. "Are you serious?"
  Isobel laughed. "Yes."

  It was with a bit more of a bounce in his step that Brendan went to his next assignment. He was to report on the council meeting that night. They were discussing moving the boundaries of each sector un order to maximize profit gained off certain professions. The only ones who thought it was a good idea was the council. Not a single sim in Sim Nation liked the idea.

  After the meeting, Brendan met Isobel at a local bar. She picked it out just because it wasn't likely to be busy, so she could eat her nachos and ketchup in peace.
  Brendan still thought it was gross.

  The other reason was this. Isobel loved singing. This particular bar had a karaoke machine. Despite being booed by the owner and several other patrons, both enjoyed the night. When they got home, the fell asleep right away.

  Isobel was adamant on having a rocking chair in the baby's room. That was about all she had gotten done for decorating so far. She didn't know what she was having so was leaving her options open.

  It turned out that their next door neighbour, Iantha Crosse, worked with Brendan. So the two invited Iantha and her husband - who couldn't make it - over for dinner. Iantha and Isobel got along great.

  Her daughter Fay was always quick to point out their house when walking by. She couldn't wait to have playmates!

  "If these babies don't get out soon, I'm gonna scream," Isobel mentioned to Brendan.
  "They'll get here when they get here, love. It's up to them on when they'll arrive."
  Before Isobel could try to rip his head off, Brendan moved to his computer so he could work a little on his articles for work.

  However moments later, Isobel goes into labour. Brendan looks at the stuffed tigger he has on his desk, trying to remember if he had everything ready.
  "Call a goddamn cab already," Isobel snapped.


NOTE: Since I had chosen to mostly follow their wishes, they almost immediately rolled wishes for children. So they're having children. Both have the family-oriented trait, which I forgot when originally planning out what I was doing.


  1. You keep using baby in plural... I take it that little potion from that (awesome looking!-seriously. I love that it's not kitsch or theme-y) potion shop did a little more than help things along? ;)

    Lol @ Brendan's face while she ate nachos and ketchup. I'm with him!

    Can't wait to meet the new addition(s)!

    1. I was wondering if that would be noticed, lol. Alas, I cannot take credit for the potions shop, it came with the world.

      My best friend still eats nachos this way, and her daughter is two in just a couple days. I think it's pretty gross too.

  2. So what's going to be the price of the magic that got Isobel pregnant? :o Or was the clerk just being mysterious?

    Ewww, ketchup and nachos. D:

    1. It'll come up again. Multiple times in fact. However, the clerk was just saying it to be mysterious, she really doesn't know what she's talking about. But with magic involved, don't say it unless you mean it!

  3. Well, this blog was easy to get caught up on. xD Intriguing start.

  4. Oh noes, Isobel, don't go for the suspicious magic potions right away! That spells trouble D:
    Her maternity oufit is so pretty with her hair and skin color!

    1. That's Isobel though, prefers to get things done quickly, and her way.
      I'll admit, I googled for maternity outfits for inspiration. Usually I just throw a random outfit on them.

  5. Brendan kept saying "them" so are they having multiples??? Or that was just him not knowing which gender?

    Mysterious potion is mysterious. I'm sure it's totally safe to drink it, even without a warning label. Lol

    1. When I was first writing the chapter, parts were as I was playing, so it did begin as not knowing the gender. That changed rather quickly though.

      Though to be fair, if you're trying to get preggo right away and going to a less then credible shop that sells magic potions, are you really gonna care about warning labels? lol