Tuesday, 2 August 2016

1.2 - Double Take

  Meet the newest members of the Clark family! (If you already looked at the family tree, then you spoiled yourself!) This is Laura.

  And her younger, by two minutes, brother Theodore, Theo for short.

  Isobel was happy to be home. And skinny. She took time to tuck in her babies their first night home. Already she loved them with her entire heart. She snuggled with both twins before putting them down for the night.

  And of course, Brendan got in his cuddles as well. Not trusting himself to stand and walk around with the babies, he loved to rock with them in the rocking chair instead. At least there he couldn't drop them.

  When both Isobel and Brendan were busy, they had little playmats for the twins. It kept them occupied and they seemed to like them, since neither cried when placed in them.

  Brendan tried really hard to not let what was between him and Isobel suffer just because they had children now. He took every chance he could to remind Isobel that he loved her.

  It didn't take long until it was the twins birthday! Laura went first.

  Then Theo.

  And moments later, two toddlers were ready for their first taste of cake! Though most of it ended up on the floor.

  Isobel was happy to get out of the house with the twins. She made frequent trips to the closest park, where both kids could wear themselves out before going home for a much needed nap. Isobel usually used their nap time to catch up on housework that she couldn't do with them underfoot.

  This was the twins favourite play equipment. Laura tended to shove her brother down the slide so she could have the telescope all to herself. Of course, Theo mostly thought it was a game and would climb back up and have it happen all over again.

  Teaching the twins how to walk turned out to be much harder then Isobel and Brendan thought. They spent several evenings out 'enjoying' the summer weather, and listening to babbling from two stubborn children.
  Of course, the thought that it would probably get worse made Isobel cling to the hope that her children would not be the same as her.

NOTE: Sorry, not much of a story really going on yet. While toddlers are my favourite life stage (a reason I have yet to start playing Sims 4) I really don't know how to write them very well. Maybe it's cause it goes by so quickly. I don't know. Either way. They turned out pretty damn cute.


  1. The twins are so cute! They're tiny little Isobel's.

    Da-yamn, Isobel is looking fine considering she just had twins. :p

    1. ^^ I was hoping for one of them to get Brendan's colours, but I'll settle. Plus I love red hair. So I can't complain, I rarely have red hair get passed on.

      What can I say, must be magic. ;p lol

  2. Cute little redheads! What is that cool slide thing they're playing on?

    1. It's a deco item from here: http://www.mini-outfitters.com/?product=simasima-endless-adventures-swing-along-castle

  3. Aw! Laura and Theo are too cute! How sweet that Brendan still wants to make sure his relationship with Isobel doesn't slide.

    1. Even in game, Brendan and Isobel roll wishes all the time to chat, text, woohoo, etc. I love it.

  4. The twins are so adorable!

    Wow, I was hoping that toddler playground was functional! Those poses don't even look like poses, if that makes sense lol.

    1. Thank you.

      I wish it was. A lot of things I still wish they'd done in sims 3 to make more for the younger generations.