Saturday, 20 August 2016

1.5 - Moving Towns

  Theo makes a royal decree that all sisters shall now live in igloos. He's lucky that Laura was still outside building, or she would have pushed him off the chair. Isobel however did hear him.
  "No, Theo, we want everyone to live inside, where it's nice and warm," Isobel said, speaking through her laughs at her son's antics.

  Laura finished her igloo, and invited Theo inside. The two tried to convince their parents to allow them to sleep outside that night. Safe to say that it was not allowed.

  Isobel took her time making up sandwiches for her family. It was difficult finding something everyone wanted to eat, thankfully, PB and J sandwiches worked.

  After spending all morning in a call with his bosses, Brendan came out to the kitchen while the kids were outside.
  "Izzy, I know that we haven't lived in this house for too long, but I just got offered an amazing job."
  Isobel looked at him suspiciously. "And where is this job located?"
  "Cape Garner. They're willing to give us a house to stay in until we can afford our own. It would be a great asset to add to my resume."
  Without much fuss, Isobel agreed. It wasn't like her job required her to stay there. She could get a job practically anywhere. And the twins hadn't made any friends at school, it it wouldn't be a fight from them either.

  With a new rented car, Isobel, the only one who knew how to drive, drove them out of town to the harbour, where they would board a boat to take them to their new home.

  This was the house they were going to be staying in. It was literally right next door to City Hall, where Isobel's new job was located, and right across the street from Brendan's promotion.

  Their first night there, someone tried to rob them.

  Isobel noticed the lack of many police officers here, so she started to get ready to hopefully land a promotion soon. Here, she didn't have as much competition.

NOTE: Apparently my computer just hates me. The town was working great for me, barely any lag, and I shut my computer down for the night, opened it the next day, and boom. I could barely get through one sim day without the entire thing lagging terribly.

So I actually did up the rooms for the twins. Top two pictures are of Theo's room, and the bottom ones are Laura's.


  1. Woo, another move! Really nice new house, the twins' rooms turned out pretty :)
    Hope the lag issues get better! Maybe there's some routing failure happening somewhere?

    1. They move way too much. I am planning on building a permanent home for them one day.

      There definitely was. And it didn't help that the town was so large. I just wanted to have everything though. :(

  2. Wow! That is one beautiful house! How lovely! Hopefully this town behaves better for you.

    1. I wish I could take credit for it. However, it came with the town. So far it hasn't.

  3. That sucks, but this house is so nice! Hope the new town is treating you well!

    1. I will probably go through several towns before I find one that works well. I was going to make my own, but I didn't realize that CAW doesn't work with the last update.