Wednesday, 3 August 2016

1.3 - Chilling in Autumn

  Autumn arrives, and with it, Isobel's new decorations. She wished it wouldn't rain on her new things, but unfortunately they don't live in a sector that has no weather. That was a downside to choosing where they currently lived.

  Inside, Isobel patiently tried to teach Theo to talk while Laura looked at the pictures in a book. Theo was stubborn though and wanted to steal the book from Laura. Isobel eventually gave up and gave him a book of his own to look at.

  When the rain finally went away, Isobel took the twins outside to play. Theo bugged Isobel for ages to play on the rocker.
  "Okay, Theo, time to get off so your sister can have a turn."
  A pout appeared on Theo's face. "No." His favourite word.
  Reluctantly, Theo allowed himself to be picked up off his favourite outside toy.

  Laura was much easier to convince. She wasn't a huge fan of the outdoor toy, she much prefered playing with her stuffed animal in the dirt.
  "Mama, up."

  "So. How would you feel about buying a fixer-upper?" Brendan asked when he got home.
  Isobel looked at him suspiciously. "Why?"
  "A co-worker is willing to sell his old place to us for real cheap."
  With a shrug, Isobel agreed. Though inside she was cheering. Just what she wanted. A place to completely redo and make her own.

  It looked terrible at first glance. Though the green colour did grow on Isobel. The brick though, had to go.

  Their first family breakfast in their new home. Brendan finished his quickly, and had to keep Laura from throwing hers on the floor.
  He did not succeed.

  When going to a doctor's appointment, Isobel ran into their old neighbour, Iantha. She earned a high five because new baby.
  "You'll have to come visit with the new baby. Fay can come too, I'd love to see you all."
  "We'll definitely come up with a date."

  "We can't have anymore children," Isobel told Brendan when she got home.
  "Then we be happy with what we have. At least we have the twins, right?"
  Isobel had a feeling she should have listened to that clerk. She didn't know how deep this would end up going. She suddenly had panic for her children.

  "Fay didn't want to come. She's not a fan of Celeste," Iantha apologized.
  Isobel waved it off. "Celeste is so cute."
  It pained her a little to see Celeste and know she couldn't have another one, but she was happy for her friend.

  They spent a day at the festival. It took nearly half the day to get the twins there. Isobel mostly just wanted pictures.

  They did go in the haunted house though. One at a time so the twins still had someone watching them.

  Brendan wasn't impressed. Isobel was turned into a ghost though. She hated haunted houses. Brendan laughed.

  That night, someone tried to rob them. Isobel was glad she remembered to install an alarm.

  The day after spooky day, the twins aged up!
 Laura went first.

  Then Theodore.

 Soon the story stuff really starts happening! I've also decided already who is going to be heir. Simply because their roll is perfect for the story I want to tell.


  1. They're both so cute, hard for me to pick a favorite!

    1. Me too! Thankfully, I don't have to pick between them, my story already has! I'm sure that I'd cheat so I could keep them both if the choice was up to me. xD

  2. Uh oh! So that potion really was something to be taken carefully huh? Poor Isobel. But Brendan is right that at least they have the twins.

    Can't wait to see the twins as children.

    1. That's not all that's going to go wrong. Just wait and see.

      They are so darn cute.

  3. Ooh, they were able to afford that bigger house so quickly! It's very cute too!

    1. Honestly, I went in in edit town and deleted everything out of the house, plus a bunch of stuff outside the house to bring the price down. I may cheated only a slight bit. >.> Only slight though. But they will not be moving again in this town. So the next move will be to somewhere smaller, and more manageable for my computer. I just don't want to do that just yet, a couple generations I think.

  4. "He did not succeed." This had me cracking up!

    *ahem* So the negative effects are starting to show themselves. I wonder how far this will go.

    1. I don't usually succeed either. So Brendan isn't alone. lol

      Not as far as I had originally planned.