Wednesday, 17 August 2016

1.4 - As the Leaves Turn

  Introducing, the twin terrors, Laura and Theo as children. Oh, the trouble they can get into now!

  Both are terrified when they get on the bus for school. The bus driver doesn't look anywhere as they drive down the busy streets. Somehow though, they make it safely to the school.

  Theo decides that he hates school. He hates homework.
  Laura loves school. And she loves homework. It's a chance to show that she's smarter then the average sim.

  Laura's collection of stuffed animals. She makes sure to teach them everything she's learned in school. They also learn about everything that Theo does that annoys Laura. Such as just dropping his coat on the floor where Laura always trips over it.

  The school wishes for Theo to make friends with a child that has none. He agrees and goes to Gils house after school. Gil immediately disappeared to go somewhere else leaving Theo alone in his house. Theo took one look at all the dirty laundry and flies and promptly decided that he can't be friends with someone who can willingly live like this.

  Despite working on her cooking skill, Isobel's favourite thing to make is still autumn salad.
  "It's autumn, so it works. Autumn salad. Autumn. See?"
  Laura just wishes for something warmer to eat... and not so bland.

  Due to their ability to team up and cause mischief when together, the school starts separating Laura and Theo on the bus. In this case, on their way to the science building for a field trip.
  Theo is more disappointed in the fact that he's not at the front of the bus anymore.

  The teacher has last minute warnings for both Laura and Theo before entering. Their other classmates are hoping for a nice fun filled day with no pranks. They get enough of that at school.

     Three pages on how science helps our daily lives. Theo hates science. Laura, tired of his complaining, lets him copy her homework. They'll get caught, Theo doesn't think to slightly change the answer, and they both end up with additional homework the next day.
  "That's the last time I help you out," Laura hissed at Theo.
  "I blame you," Theo whispered back.

  Music was about the only thing that Theo did like. So much that Isobel and Brendan got him a guitar as his birthday present. He'd hide in the attic for ages playing.

  Laura liked to play pretend. She pretended she was a teacher with her stuffed animals. She pretended with her dollhouse that she was all grown up. She didn't want to get married though. That meant she'd have to kiss a boy. Ew.

  Mistletoe! And Brendan won't admit to hanging it there just to get Isobel to kiss him. It didnt' take that much to convince her. He didn't even need to use the mistletoe. Isobel would  kiss him anyway. She had a wish to anyway.

  Isobel finally got around to putting up the pictures they got taken at the festival.

  Theo got a wish to get some attention from his dad. Since Brendan spends most of his time either in front of a computer or a mirror, his relationships with his children are suffering.

  Wanting to light a fire, Brendan doesn't trust the fireplace won't catch on fire, so he upgrades it to fireproof. Because, you know, hitting a fireplace with a hammer makes it fireproof. :|

  "I'm gonna build an igloo and live in it forever!"

I'm far ahead of where I am in game, though I have another two and a half chapters worth of pictures.


  1. Cute pics! The twins look so much alike.

    1. Thank you!
      They do, for fraternal twins they sure do look identical. xD

  2. The twins are adorable. I love the picture of Theo peeking over the bus seat at his sister.

    1. Thank you!
      I think it's automatic that they look that way, same as those in the front seat look at the driver. But it is cute regardless.

  3. Wow, poor Gils having to live in that mess! No wonder the poor kid doesn't have any friends :,(

    Lucky the twins have it better than that. I can't get over how cute the strawberry wallpaper in the kitchen is!

    1. I was surprised to even see that mess. I made sure there were laundry baskets along with a washer and dryer. I guess the sims in that house are allergic to housework.

  4. The twins are So cute!

    And dat mess at Gils. O_o *eyetwitch

    1. Thank you. I absolutely adore them.

      I made him leave right away. lol. As messy as I am, even I couldn't stand that mess.