Wednesday, 1 February 2017

2.6 - Summer Days

  Melisandra drags Laura and Octavia down to the summer festival. "We have one every season," Mel explained. "It encourages everyone to get together and make friends."
  Laura challenged Mel to a hot dog eating contest. Lily Lum and Lakelyn Carter joined them.

  Laura came in second. Lily apparently loved hot dogs. Lakelyn couldn't keep any of hers down. Melisandra tried her best.
  "What do I win?" Laura joked to Mel. After all, the challenge had been between the two of them.
  Melisandra just smiled.

  While she didn't say it was the reason, the reason why Laura decided to talk to Lakelyn was the green skin.
  "Hi, I'm Laura, I'm new here."
  Lakelyn nodded her head in greeting. "Pleasure. My name is Lakelyn Carter."
  They continued on for several minutes ranging multiple topics before Lakelyn excused herself.

  Octavia had the time of her life playing with her stuffed moose. She loved making him disappear and reappear at will. Mel kept a close eye on her, making sure that her magic didn't suddenly go awry. So far, she observed that Octavia had remarkable skill already.

  Melisandra cheated. Laura grumbled as she nearly fell down. Again. Around her, the other skaters either smiled at her or tried to give her some advice. Beside her, Luna Rookwood just smiled politely and kept skating. Calypso had tried to help her with her balance. But Laura waved her off. She would managed to get the hang of this.
  After spending more time on her bum than her feet. Laura called it a day.

  Melisandra bought Octavia a swing. The toddler seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Laura stayed close by to keep pushing her before going back to her book, but for the most part, it was a very happy toddler that would go to bed that night.

  Between swinging, and wanting to get rid of energy, Laura began teaching Octavia to walk. She was mostly successful.

  Laura received an invitation to a party, and the bottom had a note scrawled on it saying that Octavia was welcome. Octavia greatly enjoyed the ride, even if it was only around the block.

  Laura and Octavia were the only ones who showed up to the party. Lakelyn was embarrassed, but Laura waved it off.
  "I hope we can call each other friends," Laura said, after spending a few hours just sitting around talking.
  A smiled blossomed on Lakelyn's face. "Friends?"
  A part of Laura's heart broke. Even somewhere where everyone had something weird going on with them, there were still bullies. "Yes. Friends."

  Octavia threw the shark back down in the water. "SPLASH!" she yelled with delight. Mel had taught Octavia the word, and allowed her to splash around in the little blow up pool.

  Laura laid nearby on a towel. Melisandra was right by the pool watching Octavia, allowing Laura to just enjoy the sun. It was the longest day of summer, and thus was labeled a holiday allowing everyone to enjoy just a bit of the warm weather before it would be disappearing soon.

  How like Laura's luck that her first one in Brynmar would end up rainy. Octavia was not impressed with being pulled out of the water and put inside. Toys soon soothed the toddler out of her tantrum.
  Laura headed back outside to grab her towel, and the toys that Octavia had thrown around.

  "Melisandra? Aren't you coming inside?"
  "In a moment. Just let me try something?"

NOTE: Wee. Another chapter done. ^^ One more folder of pictures for the next one and I have to play for more. Which, once I'm done building a house I'm probably going to go play. I'm up anyway. Stupid insomnia.


  1. I'm glad that Laura's making a new friend with Lakelyn. She's very sweet.

    Also, I have no idea how she's going to take this kiss with Melisandra!

    1. Lakelyn is actually from another legacy I had years ago. I loved her then, and when I found her saved in my sim bin, I had to use her and her sister, Calypso, somehow in my story.