Wednesday, 1 March 2017

2.7 - Two Years

  At first, Laura wasn't really sure how to react. Then she pulled Melisandra toward her, pressing her lips against the other womans, cutting off her apologies. They spent several minutes standing in the rain just kissing before Laura reluctantly pulled away and disappeared into the house.

  Melisanda slowly followed, heading upstairs to the extra closet in Laura's room to change into something dry. She'd just pulled on her shirt when Laura came out of the bathroom, her hair now dry thanks to her hair dryer, and unfortunately, more clothes on than just her bathing suit.
  "We should talk," Laura said, gesturing to the two chairs that sat nearby.
  Mel nodded. "We should."
  They both sat down, but neither was willing to start the necessary conversation. So instead they sat in awkward silence before Laura finally broke it.

  It was nearly two am when Laura crawled into bed. When Mel went to leave the room, Laura just threw back the covers and scooted over to allow enough room for another body to fit. Melisandra only hesitated for a moment before she joined Laura.
  Laura snaked her hand over to grasp Mel's, before falling asleep with a smile on her face. Mel followed a moment later.

  Months went by and gradually the two women were comfortable to acknowledge their relationship was actually going to work. Octavia took to it pretty well. She still mostly cried for Laura, but when her momma was at work, she happily played with Melisandra. She loved trying to grab at the faerie's wings.

  It wasn't until it had been nearly two years into their relationship that Laura mentioned that she would love to have another child. Of course with new technology, it was possible for them both to be parents, it just required the use of a hospital to actually get pregnant.

  Less than a week after Laura's comment, the two made the decision to head to the hospital, and hopefully come out with Laura beign pregnant. Melisandra had no desire to ever carry a child, though she was happy with the idea of having a child. Her sister had had one years ago, about forty or fifty years ago, but he passed away at the age of twenty after being captured and tortured for information.

  Laura laid down some rules for Mel. "I'm still going to work. I'm not sitting around at home and doing nothing for the entire pregnancy."
  "I promise I won't go all protective over you, Laura," Mel smiled. She had a feeling that if Laura did stay home, they'd fight over silly little things.

  "Arraghhhh," Brendan held his hand above his head. "Here comes the tickle monster!"
  "No, Papa, no!" Octavia giggled. She adored time with her papa, even though he lived there with her, because of his work hours, he was often too tired to play.

  "Momma, bana?" Octavia scooped some of her oatmeal into her mouth. She loved anything banana, and often tried to get Laura to give her everything banana flavoured.

  Laura hugged Octavia tightly before bed. "Oh, my sweet sweet baby girl."
  Octavia was nearly a child, one more year before she would age up, and have to begin school. Laura was clinging desperately  to her child, wishing away any thoughts of her aging.

  Later that night, she got confirmation that she was pregnant. Melisandra agreed to clean the bathroom after Laura was done puking.

NOTE: I'm back! :D Most medical stuff has been solved. Now fingers crossed that I can get pregnant again. And with that being over with, I'm back to updating my legacy, before I play too far ahead. xD


  1. Glad things worked out for them! They seem very happy so far.

    Hope you are doing better! Fingers crossed!

    1. I think I'm done with being mean to this generation. I want them to get comfortable before anymore wrenches get thrown in there.

      Thank you. :)