Thursday, 30 March 2017

2.9 - Hallowe'en

  Brendan took several minutes to think about his wish. He'd been through quite a bit throughout his long life. There was much he regretted, such as mostly ignoring his mother's warnings which ultimately led to Isobel's early death. Their move to try to be safe did not work out the way it was intended. Brendan knew he fell deep into depression, so much that he didn't even notice the danger his daughter's boyfriend was. His granddaughter and grandson were blessings that were not expected. Neither was Melisandra. Brendan didn't shy from the supernatural. They were a part of his past, so how could he turn from them? He was happy that his twins ended up finding people to spend their lives with. He just wished it hadn't came after so much heart ache.
  His wish was that his children never had to go through that again, and that his grandchildren would lead happy lives.

  Melisandra never believed she'd ever have a family. She'd shied away from most human contact, preferring to waste away the years playing the odd prank on Sapphire and working on her garden. Laura was a unexpected surprise.
  Playing with Thomas, her mind drifted back centuries. She stood in the courtyard with Sapphire, and a remarkable young man with a crazy story. Before he left, he had made her swear to name her son "Thomas". Mel agreed to appease him. Now she understood that he'd seen the future. She wondered if she had named her son something else, would the future have been worse?

  It didn't take long before Thomas' birthday was upon them. Laura baked (Read: bought) the cake, and asked Mel to help him blow his candles out. She made his wish too. (That he'd grow up happy and healthy).
  The cake tasted pretty good too, in Octavia opinion. She wasn't interested in Thomas unless he could play dollies with her.

  Thomas was an adorable toddler. He had the ablity to charm a smile out of everyone. Mel giggled a bit when his wings formed. She told the rest that his wings wouldn't change again without some powerful magic. They would have that colour and size his entire life. Octavia thought they were kind of cute. "Like a bumblebee!" she'd exclaimed.

  Brendan requested a family portrait. He got his wish. If only Laura and Mel had looked at the camera though! They ended up with two copies of all of them. So one was hung upstairs, and one downstairs. They also had individual shots, and a photo of Laura and Mel staring at one another.

  Thomas loved sleeping. Octavia was disappointed. So far, Thomas couldn't be trusted to not eat toys, so she couldn't do more than play patti-cake with him. Both Laura and Mel were enjoying the fact that he slept all night.

  For Hallowe'en, Octavia decided to be a princess. Laura hauled her upstairs for plenty of photos. Mel remarked that she looked a lot like someone she'd known years ago.

  Sadly, it was raining out, so O couldn't go trick or treating.

  They did have a party though. Though most people stood in the yard, refusing to allow anyone to go inside before them. It ended with a traffic jam.

  Not wanting her dress to get dirty, Octavia decided to be a superhero! She wasn't sure what she should call herself though.

  Melisandra dressed up as a soldier.

  Laura as a zebra. (A dare by O)

  And Brendan dressed up as a hot dog.

  Izi also dressed up as a hot dog. She revealed to Laura that Melisandra had changed everything she owned into something food related, so really, she had no choice. She was not impressed.

  Reed dressed up as an alien. Octavia was excited and the two began playing. Reed was to take over the world, and O had to save it.

  Thomas just ignored the crazy around him and ate his pureed pear.

NOTE: Another chapter. I have another one in the works as well. Though I'm unsure when it'll be posted. I haven't been feeling the greatest lately. Stomachache, headaches, and just plain tiredness mean that today was the first time I've opened my computer in days.

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  1. Thomas is so cute! I love his blushies and the little wings. That family portrait was perfect, too. Everyone looks so happy there. I hope Brendan's wish will come true for their sake.

    Raining on Halloween? Scandalous! I would be mad if I was Octavia with no trick or treating. At least they had the party.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. :(